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Empowering The Nation Through Skills Development
SSDP is program of the Sindhi Association of North America (SANA).

Who We Are

Sindh Skills Development Program (SSDP) is a non-government, not-for-profit and non-political civil society organization founded in April 03, 2015 and registered under Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 with Registration Number 7526. It is one of the core organizations working solely for developing professionals and skilled human resources of Sindh through raising awareness, promoting quality education, skills development and career and academic counseling to compete in national and international job markets. The SSDP believes in volunteerism and it is a unique organization that assumes that sustainable and accountable development stems from economically and socially productive population especially that of the youth. SSDP’s core philosophy is that the young generation of Sindh needs market oriented competitive skills in their respective fields nationally and internationally. The target group of SSDP initiatives is the youth of Sindh and the concerned stakeholders. In simple words, SSDP is a movement which intends to develop a ‘Skilled Sindh’ through its diverse interventions.


Aware, educated and skilled Sindh


To develop professionals and skilled human resources of Sindh through awareness, quality education, skills development and career counseling to compete in national and international job markets.

  • Peace & Tolerance
  • Human Dignity
  • Participation & Inclusion
  • Transparency & Accountability
  • Non-Discrimination
  • Equity & Fairness
  • Sharing & Openness
  • Team work & Volunteerism

Why We Work

  • To raise awareness and do advocacy on higher education, job opportunities, immigration and public health
  • To enhance quality of education through Teachers’ counseling, learning environment and resource development, parents’ engagement and E-learning.
  • To develop and improve Life skills, Technical skills, Technological skills, Communication skills, and Professional ethics.
  • To provide guidance for academic and career development.
  • To provide guidance for the Road to Entrepreneurship

What We Do

  • Providing guidance to students, candidates and professionals through organizing awareness raising events on diverse fields of studies, admission requirements and process, scholarship opportunities and housing facilities.
  • To do advocacy on allocation of seats in universities, curriculum development, education policies and their implementation, establishment of new educational institutions and learning environment and professional development of teachers.
  • Provide awareness on available job opportunities through sharing advertisements and announcements; organizing events on job oriented skills and job opportunities at national and international levels.
  • To raise awareness on scope, requirements and process of immigration for developed countries by arranging seminars, webinars, dialogue & discussion programs and interactive sessions.
  • Raising awareness and doing advocacy on issues of Water & Sanitation, Preventive health, Environment and Climate change through organizing events.
  • Organize counseling sessions to sensitize primary, junior and high school teachers for their effective role in enhancing quality of education.
  • Identify and communicate schools’ issues related to learning environment and resource development to concern authorities of education department.
  • To conduct curricular, extra-curricular and recreational activities for developing conducive learning environment in the schools.
  • To arrange parents’ meetings on quarterly basis to discuss students’ performance, curricular & extra-curricular activities and issues.
  • To create culture of education through internet usage.
  • Organize awareness sessions for students on life skills.
  • Develop and improve Technical skills, Technological skills, Communication skills, and Professional ethics of graduating students and professionals through organizing training and hands on workshops.
  • To provide support to selected candidates for attaining professional courses offered by skilled development institutions.
  • Organizing academic counseling events for secondary and higher secondary students.
  • Establishing Career Support Centers (CSC).
  • To support graduating students by providing internship, apprenticeship and volunteer attachment opportunities through close coordination with industries and organizations.
  • To facilitate national and international organizations for arranging job fairs and interview events for selection of suitable candidates.
  • To organize awareness seminars about latest business technologies, business trends, international scholarships and entrepreneurship at university levels.

How we Work

SSDP has following three ongoing projects:

  • Career Path Development Project (CPDP). This project is for students and young professionals to support and guide them for education and employment opportunities in Pakistan and abroad. SSDP conducts in-person as well as online career counseling seminars, training workshops etc. to build capacities of youth under this project.
  • Health Awareness Project (HAP) Under the umbrella of this exceptional project, SSDP conducts interactive awareness raising sessions on Hepatitis B & C and general health issues in public sector high schools of the Sindh province. In order to keep continue the awareness raising activities; follow-up mechanism has been developed as well.
  • Education Support Project (ESP) SSDP supports public sector schools and colleges of Sindh province under the slogan of "Own Your Own School" under this project. In this regard, computer labs are provided to the high schools and various activities are undertaken to improve the quality and academic environment of those institutions.

Dedicated Human Resource

SSDP has a strong human resource foundation. It has a devoted, dedicated, highly educated, experienced and honest team of professionals in its board, executive committee and office and project staff. Volunteerism and dedication are the core values of the organization. In addition, the organization has a pool of trained, motivated and energetic pool of volunteers in Sindh and abroad. They devote their time, energy and skills and stand side by side with our teams to conduct the activities.

Where We Work

Sindh Skills Development Program works in entire Sindh. It is well connected with both the public and private academic institutions, stakeholders, community, youth and civil society organizations of the province.

Contact Us

Office Address: Zaib Residency Apartment No 2, 1st Floor, Hussain Housing Scheme, Qasimabad, Hyderabad, Sindh, Pakistan

Phone: +92 22 2654297